Toyota Hiace






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Toyota Hiace

 We have owned the camper for 10 years during this time it a proved to be very reliable. I am no mechanic but I do all my own servicing and maintenance with the help of a Haynes manual to date this has mounted to no more than brake  shoes ,wheel cylinders. master cylinder and ball joints.

 Registered in 1980

 The engine the 12R 1595cc located under the 3 front seats  I run it on unleaded fuel to which I add an lead additive  I have  fitted  a  electronic ignition system is which has a manual override switch .  Fuel consumption   is approximately  26mpg  at  65 mph and 18mpg urban driving


The camper was converted be caravan international and  is the  RIO  short wheel base version with  space saver roof 

Text Box: A single or double bed converts from the seats  in the main compartment

 The camper was designed to sleep 5 , Elevating  the roof reveals three berths one across the cab which is suitable for an adult  and one along each side more suitable for little people.   



Bed layout in space saver roof

Text Box: On occasions we have  slept  up to 4 adults in the camper. 3 in the roof and one below. We did find this a little cramped  but we were all good friends.


We do find the roof space useful for storing bedding and clothes when camped, and even when closed  there is enough  room to store bedding and other items such as wind break and caravan store canopy. One little warning the only time we used the roof space to sleep a child it was near the top of  Mt Snowden during a storm and you guessed the roof tried to close trapping our daughter. (She spent the rest of the night sleeping between mom and dad.





Over the years the cupboard doors and worktops had be come rather tatty and after deciding to replace them I also decided to make an alteration to the original layout  by building in a compartment for the portaloo                                        

  Also by moving the gas bottle from under the rear seat to the back cupboard a larger Gaz bottle can be accommodate


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